Completed my work on SF Week 2014

I just finished my visual designs for SF Week 2014 that takes place in Zadar, Croatia. It is a series of lectures and discussions about various fiction related topics and their influence on popular culture. I must admit, this is one of the few opportunities where I really enjoy working and most of the time it feels more like fun than an actual work – that is possible when you work with people who really believe in your abilities. Who give you the only basic information and guidelines that needs to be on it but leaving the rest to you. Basically a freedom to create of it what you want, and how you want to the best of your abilities, and that is really a rare thing. Although pretty unintentionally I managed to raise the bar for my graphic design skills once again. What I was actually thinking about while doing these is just “how can I use what I got to the best of it’s potential and my current abilities” – and that is pretty much how I always do things in graphic design. In these current topics I believe I’ve achieved my goals, in “Lovecraft” poster I really wanted to combine this theme with an fiery version of those awesome old retro movie posters where huge creature attacks and it’s displayed like a bomb all over it. Similar thing I wanted for this “Queer in Space theme” but that style simply didn’t worked as well as I hoped to, so I created something different, yet still with that “retro space movie poster” look that I was shooting for. Note: The original version contained only lead female on the cover, but I kinda prefer my “non-canon” version more. Silent Hill is meant to look like a thriller/horror movie poster in cinema, in “Jung” one I’ve combined some favorite SF universes together and finally got my signature on an X-Wing :) Black Hole is some weird comic theme and that’s pretty clear I think, while the last two really are not my thing but the female author told me she loved it so… it’s ok I guess :)


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