Back to the old-school: Quake III Arena

Unskippable cinematic galore, “immersive experiences”, painly uninteresting Quick Time Events, action sequences (called “gameplay”) where half of the work isn’t even made by the actual player. If those new trends in gaming actually succeeded in something that is making me to go back in time when the games were actually the games. For this opportunity, I jumped back into crazy, colorful and frantic Quake III Arena. It wouldn’t be fully old-school if I haven’t ramp up the difficulty though, so here it is; A couple of matches that I played on Hardcore difficulty.

It is true however that my shooting skills are currently a bit rusty. I played mostly strategy games and RPG’s in recent times after all. Still, it is somehow like riding a bike, once you learn it, you never lose that experience actually. All it needs is a revisit, and a revisit it shall have. Because now, more than often comes a time when an old-school gamer like me takes a look at that contrast of difference between now and then, and think: “Seriously, what happened?”


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