My thoughts on the 2nd Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer

If the first teaser trailer was missing something rest assured, this one delivered at most. The very first shot is literally like taken from one of my fan fictions. The mighty Star Destroyer crashed, rusted and embraced in the warmth of the dry sand, weathered but not forgotten. Just like some old relic. Better yet, we discover that the desert planet in fact is not Tatooine. Thank the force! If that was the case it would surely confirm it as the most overused planet in the history of the galaxy.


We, veteran Star Wars fans both appreciate and insist on new things in the universe every now and then. It was awesome to discover Illum as the most enchanted snow planet after we’ve been to Hoth, and it was also great to discover the grand and advanced Sith civilization on stormy and shadowy Dromund Kaas after we thought that only Koribban could be the only proper Sith planet. That being said, I fully welcome the planet Jakku to the Star Wars universe.

As for the scene of melted Vader I thought that was distasteful and completely unnecessary. If needed I’d like to see some flashback of him, between episodes III and IV maybe. This was like they are shouting “Hey everybody, we’re not PG13. See!??”. It does however poise question whether is Vader’s presence radiating some sort of power still, or even curse, like the ones that an older powerful Sith Lords left behind them in the history.

Talking about force powers, we all know that Leia has them, but did she ever used them actively? I seriously hope she kick some ass with the force, like some veteran Jedi Sage. It’s about time, this could be her last shot, and it would be shame to miss it.


More X-Wing action over water is cool but what’s maybe even cooler is being chased by Tie Fighters while running for your life in the open desert. Our new trio (Poe, Finn and Rey) is immediately ready for action and I’m looking forward to see their adventures. They seem to radiate the vibe of an old trio, although intentionally it may also be effectively.


To see Kylo Ren from the front is a nice refreshment as he looks pretty well but dammit, he really reminds of Darth Revan, I’m betting JJ made this on purpose, but okay, what a hell. The only downsides I see are that he does not look like an instant icon, you know, like what Darth Vader and Darth Maul were in their times but I’ll give him a chance to prove himself. What cannot be proved otherwise is the fact that designers were taking Samurai motives once again and I’m really angry at that lack of creativity. It surely didn’t do justice to Darth Bane in the Clone Wars.


The rest of the Empire however, looks great. They really shine with that old retro-futuristic style while giving it much needed freshness. Some people may not like that throwback to the roots of 70’s and 80’s SciFi, but the truth is, there is literally nothing like it out there nowadays so that kind of style is much needed and should not be forgotten. It is Star Wars after all.

Along with the careful and subtle change of Millenium Falcon due to the canon continuity from the first teaser, here we can also see something that proves even more just how much is JJ actually paying attention to details. There are many new ship designs throughout the trailer and the movie, but one that stands out is the new version of the Imperial Star Destroyer. The key feature is that it’s design is very, very reminiscent of an old but legendary Harrower class Sith Dreadnought present during the times of The Old Republic.


The dogfight from the desert to the interiors of an crashed Super Star Destroyer looks amazing, and the very fact that there is a literally flying city crashed and decayed in the middle of the open desert just waiting to be explored, looted and scavenged. Almost like the futuristic version of Atlantis in sand. Now that is something!

“Chewie, we’re home.”

– Wouldn’t said it better myself. This footage so far gave me nearly the same feeling when I saw A New Hope for the very first time. Surreal, but still magical and interesting. Definitely something to look forward to.

That would be it for now. This was not as big or detailed like my analysis of the previous trailer but actually I do plan to make something more of this in the future, so stay tuned! :]


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