Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Movie Review

There’s been an awakening, and I left the theater dizzy. The impact of this movie is one to be remembered. On the one hand it’s everything the fans were hoped it would be, but on the other hand there’s alot of it to take in, for a single movie. However, the danger is gone. There were so many ways it all could have gone wrong but rest easy because ever since the 80’s the Star Wars is finally a STAR WARS again!


I have never seen such a weird reactions after the premiere of the film, but after I saw the movie I completely understood why. The Force Awakens presents the real rollercoaster of emotions. From action packed adrenaline rushes, pure and genuine laughs to uncertain, incredibly intense duels and the heartbreaking drama – this movie has it all and more! But first, let’s get more into details…

To get some things right out of the way: There is no Ewoks, no Jar Jar, no goofy characters to speak off and no prequels similarities whatsoever. Also, there is no Post-Credits scene, when the movie is over, it’s over.


The new astromech droid BB-8 symbolizes the freshness that The Force Awakens brings to the universe. The new form of simplicity, yet excellent design and there’s always more to it than meets the eye. That is the new age for Star Wars in a nutshell and It’s great!

As the movie begins you are hooked up right away! And It’s not just because we’re fans. The story is very compelling right from the start and there is no dull moment in this movie. Even the slower ones are intriguing a I for one, wouldn’t mind to see more of Rey’s solitary life as she search for the scraps and relics just to survive, or Finn’s troubling day, in life of a First Order Stormtrooper. Just as we thought, the stuff is finally practical again and the feeling of wonder I had watching the Star Wars for the first time is finally back! The action scenes finally look real again. The shooting is impactful an dirty, the lightsabers cut deadly and really feel like an ultimate and unforgiving weapon. When the Tie fighters were passing by, screaming through the skies, soaring high – It gave me the chills.


The First Order is a threat more serious than ever and the Stormtroopers finally can shoot! Hell, they’re even capable to fight and capture heroes. It is so refreshing to see them like an actual soldiers and the movie even goes in detail from the Stormtrooper perspective and that’s just one of the things that are in this movie like a dream come true for a Star Wars fan.


Kylo Ren is a badass, but sometimes, he’s just an ass. The complete character with motives, history, feelings and complexity. It’s always more to him than meets the eye, and he’s a great villain! A villain you just love to hate. Next to him is General Hux and I won’t lie, he’s basically the young Tarkin, but he does live up to expectations of his role, although we expected to see more of him. Just like Captain Phasma, she’s good, but a totally secondary character in this movie, so don’t expect much of her here.

The old cast nailed it!
Chewie is Chewie. Han Solo is The Han Solo 100%! Leia is really Leia, and there are quite a few references to the past events which work beautifully. The feeling that revolves around them is sometimes simply overwhelming – in a good way. Not just because of the Original Trilogy events, but also because of everything that’s happening to them since and now in the film. There is a lot of history said in the fewest words possible, and it works great. Also, we do see Luke in this film, and he’s great …but that’s all I’m going to say.


The so called “passing of the torch” has been done perfectly. When you’re looking forward to the new characters just like old ones, then you know that the balance is golden.

Rey, Finn and Poe are such a great characters, every unique in it’s own way. Rey is caring and hardworking, Finn is light-harted and just, while Poe is determined and brave, but also reasonable and witty. It’s a real treat to explore them and with them. They all are likeable and interesting, but still have their stories to tell and the histories to uncover. The chemistry between them simply works, and it works great.


Maz and Snoke are CGI characters and I hate to say, but they’re do stand out as such. Not too much but it’s still noticeable, and I hope they improve on that in the future. As a characters – different story. They are very compelling and intriguing, there is no doubt about that.

Lack of new ships is another flaw that I’d add to this movie, and somewhat Starkiller base aswell, but not for the reasons you would think. Despite other people opinions I do think it needed to be there (for many lore reasons if nothing else) but it’s just that we didn’t seen much of it. That kind of structure simply deserved more exploration. There are quite a few dialogues that are overly simplified instead of letting us think for ourselves which would be alot more valuable and rewarding. Furthermore, there is little too much coincidences plot-wise to be honest. On the other hand, there are so many details about the story and the plot that need to be uncovered that we may have overlooked some of them or just didn’t realize things that could be explained in the future of the trilogy.


The soundtrack is very, very good, but to be honest, it exceeds only in the nostalgic, slower tunes. There is no new dynamic theme like the Imperial March and Duel of the Fates. It does serves the movie great but that’s about it.

Locations are absolutely beautiful and it’s easily the best mix of all the Star Wars movies. Hot sand under the sun, the islands surrounded by water and the green forest, dirty and scrappy ship interiors, high-tech technoscapes, snow on everything… Simply beautiful.


The cinematography in this movie is superb. The way the camera follows the events is so easy to focus on while it shows everything you need to see. It literally tells the story by showing you all the details that you don’t wanna miss, but there is also much that you can pick up from the sides if you want to. For example, the circling shot where the camera follows Poe as he gets off the X-Wing and he greets Finn than continue to follow him as he move on – is nothing but masterful. You see what’s happening, you see them, and everything around them – all in a single shot.

The action in the dogfights is unbelievably good, and finally it feels like gone are the days of shaking cameras and other tasteless nonsense. It’s not just a great Star Wars movie, but a great movie itself. People better start taking notes because THIS is how it’s done!


The Force Awakens kicks off the new future for the Star Wars perfectly. The fans can finally rest easy and look forward to it.


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