On The Force Awakens reactions and what it means for Star Wars fans

The first reactions of The Force Awakens were mostly positive and some even pretty overwhelming. That being said, the backlash and the reactions to reactions further on, were inevitable. A week after the movie hit the cinemas the first analysis and other various media has hit the web. There is plenty of story analysis and interesting fan theories, but there are also some ultimately pointless and attention grabbing videos that are only focused on the negative aspects of the movie which acts like hellbent to ruin it for those who liked it. You can find that same kind of people that comment around the internet and it’s pretty ironic when you think about it, because most of them think they’re smarter for being aware of the flaws in the movie and they’ll gladly let you know that, when in reality, the sole focus on certain aspects of the movie limits them from the bigger picture which makes them ignorant and plain stupid.

I’m aware that The Force Awakens has it’s flaws but guess what – No movie is perfect and certainly no Star Wars movie is perfect. We’re not the fans because we think those movies are perfect, we’re the fans because we like them despite their flaws, because there are always plenty of things that makes that Galaxy Far Far Away for what it is, and we are wise enough to acknowledge that. The Force Awakens is certainly no exception. star-wars-trailer-16.jpg

The original feeling of wonder of watching the Star Wars for the first time has returned and the sheer physicality of the Galaxy Far Far Away makes it believable and realistic once again. There are the new interesting and fun characters. There is a great adventure featuring awesome action and smart, subtle humor that even most comedies nowadays cant get right. There is probably the best variety of locations of all the previous films, and the whole thing was shot beautifully. There is a villain like no other in Star Wars movies. There are comebacks that are genuinely real and all in the right place. There is a great pace, a constant tension and even drama in the film. Now, sure, there is a scene that could have been better. Some things may seem too convenient and the CGI wasn’t always perfect.

ep7CPOZvYWVAAAL897Does the plot of The Force Awakens seem familiar to some of those from the Original Trilogy? Absolutely. Does it makes it a bad movie? – Absolutely not. Similarity may be one aspect of the movie that could be considered as bad, but it is still a one, single aspect. I don’t understand where people get the idea to commit their time and effort just to prove something that have already been proven and expand on that detail just to get some attention which gives others the tools to further spoil the movie. It literally does nothing positive and if you’re a real fan you will rather pay attention to the characters, the story, the brave new world that it brought to us. There are plenty of details and subtle stuff in the movie that begs to be recognized, and if you do pay attention, much of the things that some may consider as “plot holes” or “convenient moments” are actually pretty much covered and explained in the same movie. Many fans have told that their appreciation for the movie grew substantially as they gave it a multiple viewings, and the world of the Star Wars is certainly better for it. The doors to the new Star Wars world are officially opened and there are new books and comics that are coming out that will show us how the new characters are living, how have they come to the point they are in the movie, who they really are, what makes them special, what is the real state of the galaxy in this period, what happened before and what could happen next… All that content and more, is waiting out there and as a fan, I will rather enjoy those new discoveries and learn more about the Galaxy Far Far Away instead of taking the bait and trying to explain how actually great the movie is to the people who are still stuck on that single detail, who are ignorant on purpose and who actually do not care.

There is much much more to it from The Force Awakens and the answers are there for those who care enough to find them.


So stay smart, enjoy Star Wars and May The Force Be With You.


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