Captain America: Civil War – A development in the right direction

After so many title announcements of Marvel movies throughout the following years one would think that sooner or later some are sure to fail. That still might happen but thankfully, it is still not the case. The new Captain America sequel, Civil War represents a bold new direction made in a right way. A development done right in various different forms…It is still very recognizable superhero popcorn flick with a charm that Marvel introduced us with in the first Iron Man movie, but it also expanded on the more serious tones and themes that we were introduced to in the Age of Ultron and Winter Soldier movies. This time it addresses pretty much the same issues that Batman v Superman had, but does it with ease (or confident playfulness), knowledge, pacing and style. It does not shy away from introducing people to some new stuff and goes all for it, whether it’s for better or for worse. In this case, it was mostly for the better.


When I was watching characters debating and struggling over the issues I felt like I was there right in the discussion and found myself conflicted aswell. All the time I thought I was surely on one side only to find myself almost unconsciously moving to another, and then back and forth again. That main theme, that aspect of “grayness” was a complete hit. The one thought that went through my mind after those dramatic and philosophical scenes was: “I’m so glad that all of this actually makes sense.” This time my expectations were truly reversed. I expected for Batman v Superman to come in strong and pick up the pace, and for Civil War to be pretty ok but no better than Age of Ultron for example. Turns out I couldn’t be more wrong, and this is coming from someone who is actually more of a DC fan (and Batman is my favorite superhero by far), but we gotta be reasonable and give the credits where credits are due. Sure, it has some flaws that are apparent, it’s not the perfect movie and it may have done some things even better, but this is not the review of the movie. It is rather my comment, an attempt to address and point out some issues that I believe can, and should make a difference in the modern cinema. So sure, even here there may be some things that people either won’t like or absolutely love, but the fact that they’ve decided what to do and to do it without too much compromises, being interested solely in the quality of the work, speaks for itself. That is how quality movies are made, and this one took the liberty to last more than 2 hours because ultimately, it absolutely needed to. The amount of scenes that could’ve been cut out is basically little to none. It’s the proper message to Hollywood studios to get some balls and understand that audience will not mind the length as long as it’s made with quality and for a reason. The character development, the story progression, the action with reason – those are the things you cannot cut out just because the studio demands it, without ruing it as a whole.There is great deal of story development for Iron Man, yet still, it IS ultimately Captain America movie and that’s another achievement for itself. Movie goes in so many directions, tells so many bits of different stories yet still remembers it’s true purpose.


True, Spider-Man might have been one thing that felt shoehorned in the movie, but even that served it’s purpose in terms of humor, diversity and a contrast between the characters. If you ask me, I’d much rather have Jessica Jones in his place but what can ya do… On the other hand, the second new character; The Black Panther is incomparably meaningful and tied to the very core of the story. His costume introduction might have been too quick and cheesy, but hey, it’s Marvel we’re talking about and it’s right in that style. This movie took a new direction and sticked to it as a champ. Once again, every character is true to itself, every hero has a moment/s to develop and a moment to shine, while they’re all drawn along the overall plot and goals in a logical and natural way. That is the lesson that DC has to learn just like every other production team with similar goals. It’s not about the right formula for the success. It’s not about being perfect creator and a masterful storyteller. Those stories and characters are not that complicated nor ambitious. It’s about research, approach and planning. If you’re going to have a strong brand with different characters and some grand, progressive story, first make sure you’re up for it.


btw. If anyone’s wondering, it is certainly the best Captain America movie so far and easily takes one of the top places in Marvel cinematic universe. Still staying strong.


2 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War – A development in the right direction

  1. I love this post! I had a lot of the same thoughts in regards to the plot and seriousness of it. Your comment about Jessica Jones is super interesting, though!! I would love to see how that played out. I never would’ve even thought about her in the movie, but now that you’ve mentioned it I really wish it had happened. I wonder how much the team dynamic would have changed? Nice post!

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    • Thanks! I appreciate it :)

      Yeah, those are the things that stood out the most to me while I was watching the movie and I just thought I needed to point that out a bit. Jessica would definitely bring a different tone and dynamic to it but I think it would still be just for the better. Her stubborn mentality and the sense of justice would just made the whole theme stronger. Spidey is ok by himself but among the Avengers – the contrast may have been simply too much. Still, the fact that they even pulled that out… It’s clear that the franchise is in a good hands.


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