New videos online!

As promised – the new videos had arrived on my YouTube channel. If you were awesome enough you might have seen them already by tracking the channel, if not here’s where this article steps in.


As I play this game fairly regularly it was bound to happen, although I haven’t planned to stop my tradition of free gaming in this one, I did find myself buying the expansion pack as an insurance for the consistency of future videos and plays. This time everything was about the Witchwood expansion, and I am preparing for the next one as we speak.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends
I took a long time to even take a proper look at this game, but when I did, boy did it get serious. As digital card games go, nowadays this one takes the first place in my book. The Elder Scrolls setting that I am a fan of, more serious tone and strategic elements combined with probably better free 2 play model than Hearthstone captured my attention and with each new week I’m more and more invested in it as I get better and better.

Path of Exile
Finally – back in the game! In a past, as I was disappointed by Diablo III and it’s lack of depth I discovered Path of Exile and was completely amazed by it. I played all classes till Act 3 (which was the final then) and then I put it down for a while as I began playing other games. However I always wanted to get back in it as new expansions were coming in, but found myself overwhelmed by the number of changes and new content, and the complete reset of the skill tree to begin with. Now encouraged by the new PC and the new internet I’ve to break the ice and began the journey from zero, and it’s only better for it.

Quake Champions
Now, this was a bumpy one. As you could have guessed from my review of the Early Access of the game I wasn’t totally impressed by it, however the lack of similar games and an old-school shooter in me keeps pushing forward with it as it develops on and on. Despite a huge amount of “party-breakers” the game is constantly getting better and so, there are more matches worthy to showcase.

I like Quake and I like Judas Priest, so this only looked natural to me.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
This was one of the games that waited the longest to appear on my channel, and this series is literally the evolution tree of my game recording process through the years. Also, it is among the biggest projects I’ve “worked” on, as I’m playing this game with all 8 classes so there are 7 other storylines there waiting to be edited and uploaded at some time. It felt natural to me to begin the series with the one which was my first original choice in the game – The Jedi Knight. The whole original story is uploaded, as well as the first expansion and the other ones are well on the way. May the force be with you, always.

Off Topic – Football World Cup 2018
And lastly, in the light of the Fifa World Cup 2018 in Russia and the exceptional results of my national team, friends, family and countrymen I uploaded these little gems to capture those moments. Fiery Hearts keep on Blazing!




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