Space Marine – There is only Waaagh!

In the grimm darkness of the far future there is only Ork … Erm… Waaagh! I mean, war. Still, none of this is far from truth actually what you’ll see in this game. Continue reading


StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void – Game Review

One of the most complex, dynamic and fun strategy games is finally complete. For all the Protoss fans, this was the one long anticipated. As the shadow of the fallen god Amon falls over the galaxy no one is safe. While the Terrans fight among themselves and the others, while the Zerg is swarming across the galaxy obeying their Queen (still in identity crisis) it falls to the Firstborn to set the fate of the galaxy. Little they know of the future that awaits them as they still struggle to survive and reclaim their lost homeworld of Aiur. Continue reading