To The Core – My new channel for all geeks, gamers, rolleplayers, sci-fi & fantasy fans out there!

I’ve decided to start a new YouTube channel as an official name for the videos such as those I made on my current channel with the potential to grow into something more. It is a slightly different format as it covers complete stories in a new, more consistent way. Continue reading


Mark 1 Design – a single name for my graphic design work

I’ve been an independent graphic designer for years and it work constantly shifted from professional to personal. I always knew that someday I’ll need a name to represent all of it but coming up with it was the hard part. It came to me when doing the last project, I started making designs for t-shirts and the shop required a name, the rest is history. Continue reading

Locked and Loaded – More videos incoming!

Despite a numerous setbacks it is finally done and so I’m happy to announce that I’ll be uploading much more videos on my YouTube channel from now on. I managed to get faster internet and so uploading stuff is no longer such a chore. To mark this occasion (and to try out new speed) I’ve uploaded my gameplay collection from a game called The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.
Continue reading